The Town of Gretna provides water, sewer and garbage pickup for residents within the Town limits as well as water and limited sewer service outside of Town limits.  Services may be established by setting up your account at Town Hall. 

Establishing Services

All new accounts, residential/commercial, must pay a deposit fee of $200.00, complete an account application and provide picture ID.  All deposits must be paid in full before an account can be established. In addition, an authorization form must be completed for the property.  The following forms are available at our office or may be downloaded on here, completed and brought into the office with your deposit.  

Residential Application:  images/Residential-Application.jpg

Commercial Application:  images/Commercial-Application_Page_1.jpg and images/Commercial-Application_Page_2.jpg

Authorization for Service (Owner of Property):  images/Owner-Authorization-form-for-Water.jpg

Authorization for Service (Tenant/Lessee):  images/Tenant-or-Lessee-Authorization-form-for-Water.jpg and files/Tenant_or_Lessee_Authorization_form_for_Water_Page_2.jpg

Billing Schedule

All utility services are billed out on a bi-monthly basis.  Bills are due by the 15th of the month after receipt.  The billing schedule for the Town of Gretna consists of January, March, May, July, September and November. 

Connection fee for Services

All water and sewer connections are issued at the Town Treasurers Office prior to installation.  The fees are set by Town Council and are to be paid prior to hooking up to Town Services.

Disconnection of Services

When discontinuing utility services the customer should notify Town Hall.  Any usage that occurs until Town Hall is notified of account closure is the responsibility of the customer.  Service disconnection for non-payment of accounts occurs on the first Monday of the following months:  February, April, June, August, October and December.  Once an account has been disconnected for non-payment, the past due balance plus a $50.00 reconnect fee must be paid before service is restored. 


Town of Gretna code states that each account is entitled to a leak adjustment, but only once a year.  If you encounter a leak please contact a plumber to correct the problem.  Once the problem is correct contact Town Hall and provide the office with a copy of the repair bill and an adjustment will be calculated based on average usage over the period of a year.

Utility Rate Structure:
All bills are calculated with a minimum usage of 1-6000 gallons.  Any rate changes are effective September 1st.

  In Town Rates Out of Town Rates
Excess (6001 + gallons)
Excess (6001 + gallons)
Garbage pickup is in Town
Limits ONLY for weekly pickup