Town Council sets the tax rates.  The determination of the tax rates is normally completed each year when the Town is preparing the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  Property is assessed as of January 1 each year by the Commissioner of Revenue of Pittsylvania County Virginia.  All taxes are billed annually.  Bills go out November 1st and are due December 5th.  A late payment penalty of 10 percent is added on December 6th; interest at the rate of 6 percent a year is added beginning January 1.  Failure to receive a tax bill will not relieve you of the penalty and interest applied to all past due bills. If there is a change of ownership, billing address, or any other change pertaining to your taxes, please notify the Treasurer’s office.

Taxpayers living in the Town of Gretna are required to pay Town and County taxes as mandated by State Law.

Real estate tax bills can be forwarded to the mortgage company if the company requests it in writing at least 60 days before the payment is due.  The Code of Virginia provides for the assessment of real estate taxes based on fair market value as established by the governing body.  All real estate is subject to taxation unless it is specifically exempt.

Personal property taxes are levied on the following kinds of personal property:  automobiles, trucks, motor homes motorcycles, trailers, campers, farm machinery, boats, outboard motors and business personal property.  The tax is assessed by the Commissioner of Revenue and paid to the Treasurer’s Office.

Vehicle License Tax has taken the place of the Town Decal.  A license fee is assessed on all motor vehicles, owned or leased, normally garaged, stored or parked in the Town limits.  The assessment is made on January 1 of each calendar year due and payable by December 5th. 


  • Real Estate Taxes: - $0.16 per $100.00
  • Personal Property Tax: - $2.25 per $100.00
  • Vehicle License Tax:
    • $40.75 per automobile
    • $28.75 per motorcycle