The new Gretna Museum of local history is now open for visitors interested in how our town came to be. From the time it was a rural farming community until today many artifacts remind visitors of when the Lynchburg & Danville Railroad first came through the property of Jeremiah Talbot in 1871. The town started to grow rapidly when a rail spur was built to the mines at Pittsville that lead to the construction of the Franklin & Pittsylvania Railroad in 1880.

Displays are still being added but many details of the past are available for viewing. Objects relate to the towns tobacco history, the railroad, mining and everyday life when the town of Gretna was still known as Elba.

For those wanting to know more about the town's history there are many resources for further study including some publications by local authors about the past.

The projected date for the firstopening is April 6, the first Saturday in April.  After that date the museum will be open from 10:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M. the first Saturday of each month until further notice but tours can be had by calling Vivian Robertson at 434-656-2537 and arranging a visit.  The museum is located at 108 S. Shelton St. in Gretna. There is no charge for visiting.